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Student Organizations

WVU Western or English Equestrian Teams – Students gain opportunities to ride competitively in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. Students take lessons at private barns in the Morgantown area, and host home shows at the WVU Reedsville Arena. This student organization provides opportunities to improve your equitation in a team environment. For more information about the western team, contact them at or like them on Facebook ( For more information about the english team, contact them at,visit them at, or like them on Facebook (

WVU Collegiate Horsemen’s Association – Students gain opportunities to network with other students and horse industry professionals around the country. The goal of this equine student organization is to prepare students for careers in the horse industry, and the success rate is very high. Past members and officers are working in farm management, sales, veterinary hospitals and other careers in the horse industry. Educational events like horse expos, shows, farm tours, guest speakers, and social activities are just some of the opportunities WVU Collegiate Horsemen’s Association members have access to. Seasoned equestrians and horse enthusiasts from all disciplines are welcome. For more information about the club, contact them at or like them on Facebook (