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Our Horses

headshot of Abner

Registered Name: OSU Chocolate Abner

Barn Name: Abner

Age/Color/Breed/Sex: 2003 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Pedigree: Rich n Chocolatey X Abby Olish

Fun Fact: Abner was shown extensively by a youth in everything from dressage to cow sorting to western riding. He is an extremely versatile guy.

Purchased From: Hannah Belich, Ohio


Registered Name: Charlotte’s Web

Barn Name: Charlotte

Age/Color/Breed/Sex: 2010 Bay Draft X Mare 

Pedigree: Unknown

Fun Fact: Charlotte was a foxhunt horse before coming to WVU. She is a big mare with a ton of patience to teach our beginner riders.  

Purchased From: The Neiswanger Foundation, Virginia 

headshot of Lexi

Registered Name: Docs Triple Alarm

Barn Name: Lexi

Age/Color/Breed/Sex: 2002 Bay AQHA Mare

Fun Fact: Lexi is our resident babysitter and ground work expert! She is often used for ground handling demonstrations, to build confidence in beginner handlers, and for meet and greets.

Purchased From: Daren Wayne Clapp, North Carolina


Registered Name: Expecting a Payday

Barn Name: Louie

Age/Color/Breed/Sex: 2012 Bay AQHA Gelding

Pedigree: Just Expect It x Pay with Green

Fun Fact: Louie was shown extensively in AQHA all-around events before coming to WVU. He is one of our most valuable teaching horses because of his ability to teach beginner to advanced students. 

Purchased From: Amanda and Shawn Masters, West Virginia

Photo of horse named RB. 

Registered Name: Look Who It Is

Barn Name: RB

Age/Color/Breed/Sex: 2020 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Pedigree: Who To Invite x Im Plum Fancy

Fun Fact: RB was born and raised less than 10 miles from the farm in Masontown, West Virginia. 

Purchased From: Lauren and Rich Dixon, Maryland

headshot of Waylon

Registered Name: Determined to be Good

Barn Name: Waylon

Age/Color/Breed/Sex: 2004 Chestnut AQHA Gelding

Pedigree: Good Terms X Dee Walker Delight

Fun Fact: Waylon has been shown extensively in Hunter Under Saddle. He is a big, lazy gelding with great legs and an even better mind.

Purchased From: Kelly Sabol, West Virginia

headshot of Woody

Registered Name: Woody Be A Tiger

Barn Name: Woody

Age/Color/Breed/Sex: 2005 Chestnut AQHA Gelding

Pedigree: Doc Deluxe X IMPS Lucky Lady

Fun Fact: Woody was shown western and served as a husband horse before being purchased by WVU, but does a great job under hunt seat tack as well. Woody was bred, raised and shown by a local family before joining us at the Reedsville farm.

Purchased From: Kelly Sabol, West Virginia